StatMathAppli 2023

Fréjus, Villa Clythia, France

18-22 September, 2023




In 2023, the two courses will be given by Marco Cuturi and Gareth O. Roberts.



Gareth O. Roberts

Gareth O. Roberts

University of Warwick

Topics in Retrospective Simulation

Gareth O. Roberts is Professor at the statistical department of the University of Warwick, and he is Director of the Center for Research in Statistical Methodology in Warwick. He is a major contributor to the theory and methodology of MCMC and related methods, with application in statistics. He is also interested in stochastic simulation, and statistical inference for infectious diseases. He has been Editor in Chief of JRSS-B. He has received many awards, including the Rollo Davidson Prize, the Institute of Mathematical Statistics Medallion, the Wolfson Research Merit Award and he is Fellow of the Royal Society of UK.

Marco Cuturi

Marco Cuturi

ENSAE, Apple ML Research, Paris

Optimal Transport: From Theory to Tweaks, Computations and Applications in Machine Learning

Marco Cuturi is Research Scientist at Apple ML Research (Paris) and Professor of Statistics at ENSAE (Palaiseau). He is a major contributor to the development of Optimal Transport in Machine Learning. His work lies at the intersection of optimisation, machine learning and statistics, with a special interest for computational aspects. He serves as an associate editor for Information and Inference, JMLR, SIIMS, and SIMODS. He serves also as senior area chair for NeurIPS and ICML.