Registration fees of 591.75 euro include accomodation in single room, lunch and dinner from sunday evening till friday lunch, coffee break, welcome cocktail, local "provencal" dinner, as well as seaside activities on wednesday afternoon (kayak, hiking or beach (number of participants limited)).

Please note that, the number of places being limited, the application process consists in a pre-registration on the website, followed by a registration after validation of your application by email from the committee.

Subventions for Ph.D. students and Postdocs may be requested at pre-registration. Subventioned registration fees are of 399.95 euro. Note that there is a limited number of subventions. It will be noticed if request is accepted while validation of the pre-registration by the committee.

Fees should be payed directly to Villa Clythia after validation of the pre-registration by the committee. Registration will be validated after paiement only.

Note that there will be no refund.

Since we do not know yet what will be the health crisis context at the end of summer 2022, applicants should anticipate that a valid COVID certificate may be necessary to attend to StatMathAppli 2022.





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